In the early 1990s our mother, Janet Forson, was inspired to formulate a pomade with a “secret recipe” as part of our family’s hair care routine. 


Amazing testimonies of her creation caused demand to grow beyond our extended family and she found herself producing more to sell to her neighbours as well as members of her church.


This timely blessing, helped our family through tough periods by supplementing our school fees and most of our needs.


She did this for many years until costs forced production to a halt.


Today, we Africans are returning to our roots, rediscovering traditions and embracing what makes us beautiful and unique; however, very few products are committed to helping us nurture this rekindled love. 



So under the guidance of our mother we’ve revived her “secret recipes” and we’re unlocking centuries of Ghanaian heritage, knowledge, love and pride and bestowing it on your hair and skin.


Each time you purchase any of our tried and tested products, you become part of a link to a greater story, by affirming that your Kinky Matters